Saturday, February 20, 2010

Already?! H oly Cow!

So my little mover and shaker has finally accomplished the greatest desire of her little heart-she walks! My life will never be the same. On February 13th (friday the 13th, no less) she took her first steps. It was a wonderful end to an otherwise disheartening day. Kevin and I are very excited. I don't think she fully realizes what she's doing yet. She doesn't quite trust herself to walk to things that are not me or Kevin, but she can take several steps by herself and she's pretty quick. She can also maneuver adeptly around our coffee table and couch. I think she's pretty excited about it too. She smiles and laughs when she's walking as if to say, "Mom, look at me! Look at me!"

Her crawling is getting better, too. She's pretty good with her army crawl, although she doesn't like it much. She has resigned to the crawling because it's her only form of independent self transportation at the moment. I know once she figures out all of the implications of walking she will resort to that. She grows more curious (and more independent) every day. She wants to touch everything and put everything in her mouth.

Another milestone she reached was her first illness. She has something call Bronchialitis. It's more than a cold but not quite bronchitis, I think. She has to do breathing treatments and take a steroid to open up her lungs. She's doing really well, though. By the way she plays you can't tell she's sick and nothing (not even mucus rattling around in her lungs) will keep her from walking. Hopefully she won't be sick for too much longer, but my little miracle continues to amaze me. She recognizes me, now and calls me when she need something. She has the most amazing smile and the most beautiful expressions. I love her.

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